Construction Mangement

Brief Report explaining the main differences distinguishing our Concrewall System from the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, AAC. Our System is a complete and versatile constructive system. The production of panels with dimensions and different characteristics allows to produce all constructive

  • double panel for very tall buildings without limitations according to the design;
  • single panels for bearing walls up 4 storied building according to the design;
  • single panel for partition walls;
  • single panel, covering wall for isolation;
  • floor and roof panel;
  • stairs panels.

This means that the construction is integrally realizable with our building system, with excellent performances in terms of isolation, resistance and versatility. These are the major benefits in adopting our Concrewall System rather than Autoclaved Aerated Concrete AAC:

  • Substantial reduction of transport;
  • Ease storage on the job-site;
  • No lifting equipment for unloading and loading, which saves time, money and staff;
  • Safety for the workers.


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