Renewable Energy

The MJR USA plant is a LOW-pressure Brayton cycle power tower system that converts sunlight to heat, which in turn powers an off-the- shelf microturbine to produce electricity.


MJR USA plants generate electricity 24/7 at costs competitive with all other forms of power generation, while overcoming most disadvantages of existing conventional and renewable sources. They store energy as heat at a fraction of the cost of batteries and use no water/steam, oils or molten salts.


Each plant requires as little as 4 acres and can be built on uneven ground. They can be deployed as a single, off-grid system of 400 kilowatts or as large utility-scale farms. Co-location with PV and wind farms can convert entire facilities from intermittent output to 24/7 power.


MJR USA Solar plants use mostly commercially-proven components that are mass-producible and can be manufactured locally in many cases. Simple components with few moving parts means local talent can easily operate and maintain the system.


  • Landfills all over the world are filling up.
  • Current methods of trash management are very costly, polluting the environment, and contributing up to 30% of climate change.
  • Recycling costs are high and no longer profitable
  • Massive amounts of pollution is filling our atmosphere.
  • BILLIONS are being spent to truck garbage from cities with no more landfill space.
  • Tire graveyards are becoming tire mountains.
  • GST is the Solution Converts the expensive cost of landfills, most recycling, and other inefficient costs of
    waste management practices, into a highly profitable revenue producer
  • Converts from a high carbon footprint to net zero for both the process and products produced.
  • Produces up to five highly valuable, renewable energy products: pellets, fluff, electricity, green diesel, and
    green jet fuel
  • Eliminates the need for landfills and converts existing landfills into usable, tax producing property
  • Eliminates the billions of dollars of transportation expense to landfills
  • Eliminates the costly need for incineration of trash, which eliminates the air pollution and inefficient
    energy production of trash into cash
  • Reduces Recycling costs. No longer recycling paper and plastics
  • Eliminates complaints by landfill neighbors concerning the odor and emissions from landfills
  • All bacteria, viruses and odor causing pathogens are killed rendering the trash inert and odorless
  • Eliminates the costly process of Anaerobic Digestion
  • Eliminates the need to segregate trash at both residential and commercial level
  • The more MSW processed, the greater the revenue and profits

What does it do

Our main goal is to balance the usage of natural resources. Net Zero Waste (NZW) is a sustainable
technology with a positive impact to our environment and is the only process that produces the final product that is the low in
greenhouse gases compared to other technologies.Organic waste (green waste, crop residue, food waste) can be quickly
processed into soil amendments, eliminating the time and space required with composting.

  • The process eliminates odor, harmful bacteria, and viruses from garbage and/or organic waste in minutes while extracting and purifying liquids for irrigation
  • NZW turns food and green waste into fluff or pellets, both of which can be used as a high nutritional soil amendment, animal feed, or put in the gasifier to
    produce energy
  • The pellets are not burned, but instead are subjected to gasifier at a temperature of 400-600 degrees Celsius and without the presence of oxygen, there
    is no emission of carbon dioxide release
  • The entire process is emission-free, and once it is running, it even powers itself with the product of its processes
    With our efficient closed loop system there is no harmful emissions. Our process actually reduce carbon footprint

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