Solar Energy

Green Tech stimulate the stomata of the plant to open and efficiently absorb all the hydration and nutrients required by the plant, accelerating plant growth, increasing vitamin content, and quality. Green Tech applied to seeds have proven to accelerate and produce a robust, faster growing, higher quality plant. The technology enables the efficient propagation of seeds, while increasing plant health, improving yield quality, and production .Finally, our cutting-edge solution increases profit margins for large-scale conversions to renewable energy. Our base model is a 1kW, which will be the largest power-output module on the market. The system can be scaled up to several mega-Watts for specific target markets. The output of a conventional solar cell is limited to approximately 17% efficiency. Our solar panel solution has the potential to achieve 43% efficiency through optical magnification enhancement. This pioneering technology uses high efficiency PV cells with solar concentrator technology. The result is a truly compact solar module utilizing substantially less PV material. Our solution concentrates light to produce 18 Watts of power from a single high efficiency solar cell. The largest cost component of a solar photovoltaic system is the cost of the solar cells themselves. It would require six conventional cells to provide the same power equivalent to that of a single cell in our system. Greater efficiency combined with optical magnification will result in significantly larger power output generated from a smaller footprint at a lower cost.

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